{ DIY } Ice Parlor Chair goes modern

Earlier this summer I came across this forlorn looking ice cream parlor chair in Goodwill.  For 7.99 I figured I could find it a good home as a vanity chair or even outside on the porch. I started by sanding it down to get off all the rust and ketshup (there was a lot of ketchup on this chair).   I then sprayed it with white Kryon spray paint.  It took only one can.

Next, I had to take the layers of fabric coverings off of the seat. I was shocked to find three layers.  The top two were plastic coated table cloth like fabrics, but the bottom layers was a vintage looking cotton fabric.

Where I encountered more ketchup.  Taking all the layers off took a lot longer than I had anticipated, merely because there were so many staples sticking out by then.  When this last layer came off there was a nice foam circle underneath that was in great shape so I left that layer.  I had searched for quite a while  to find the perfect fabric to match my curtains in the master bath to make this a vanity stool.  I had thought about using a towel fabric, but then I saw this perfect mustard, nubby yellow fabric in the fabric store.  The sales lady told me it was on sale for 7.99, but when I checkout out I realized the half yard run up only 97 cents.  Now I wish I had bought more. I simply cut around the circle and then I went around the circle pulling the fabric tight and used a staple gun to fix it down.

Finally all dressed up the new/old chair looks like this and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I think with paint and fabric it ended up costing me less than 16 dollars.

I love the transformation.


{ Seasons } It’s officially Autumn …

In my mind when all the pumpkin spice items start hitting the stores.

One of my favorites is always the pumpkin spice chais from various coffee places. Recently I had read about a Canadian tea company called David’s tea and decided to check them out.  They have the most unusual flavors of teas, and they go one step further and add some crazy things in like sprinkles and in this case pumpkin candies.  Although pumpkin chai is easy to find from coffee places, it is much harder to find as tea you can brew at home.  Many of the grocery store brands are sold out around here when you can find them.

So, I was excited to see David’s sells their own pumpkin chai.  What I love about it is that it isn’t one of those “knock you off your feet” chais that you almost need to follow with a glass of water.  It’s more subtle and creamy.  I could drink 2-3 cups in a sitting.  David’s recommends you try it with a spoonful of brown sugar and a bit of milk. I ordered the 100 gm size (13.50 with 5.00 shipping) and they threw in that cute silver tin above with the label.   They also added three additional samplers of their teas, which look like they would make two servings each.  How generous!!

Do you have any favorite brew-at-home pumpkin spice tea brands? Would love to hear your suggestions.

{ Home Decor } Tea Tin + Flowers = Unique Centerpiece

I am a big fan of tea and when I was shopping in Target the other day I noticed a display of new tea tins across the top row.  The colors were beautiful and the tea blends were even more enticing, so I picked up this fall blend with a twofold plan — drink some yummy tea and use the tin as a free decorate vase.  What a bargain for 5.99.

These were all flowers from the yard and house plants.  I combined my maiden hair fern with some variegated basil from the garden along with some green envy zinnias and a sagey-gray plant I had in one of the flower beds (name escapes me).  I love the fallish combination of the green and orange.

And — the tea wasn’t half bad either.  I usually like my tea strong with two bags, but this tea has some powerful cinnamon and cloves, so I think one bag would have sufficed.  It had a really yummy fall blend.   The great thing is I can keep trying their other blends and can collect more of the fabulous colors.   I shot this while in Target.

Wouldn’t these make an adorable centerpiece for a wedding or bridal shower?

The owl candleholder was from Homegoods last year and the twig coffee cups were from Z-gallerie a few years back.

{ Crafty } Long time no blog & amazing installation


Its been a long time since I have posted.  Lots of thrifting and projects around the house as well as working and enjoying the summer.  But, with school back in session, and lots of projects winding up, I thought it was a good time to start the blog back up and share all the cool items I have found and newest inspiration.

The first is this stunning installation and DIY post by Emily Henderson on how to make this amazing mason jar installation.  I am obsessed with mason jars and all you can do with them.  I found a really large unique one this summer and it is sitting on our mantle with some fall foliage in it.   I can’t wait to try painting the inside of one though.

{ Thrifting } Who says you can’t find quality in Goodwill?

Today I wasn’t super hopeful of finding much at Goodwill.  I had wandered around a bit and it was really bare in there.  However, I looked down and noticed some chunky white plates on my way out.  I love anything white for the kitchen, so I picked up the four plates and headed to the door.  It wasn’t until I was waiting in the line that I flipped them over and realized they were porcelain plates from Crate and Barrel.  It looks like they might be from the Cafeware II dinnerware set — so about $4.50 retail.  Thankfully my store didn’t up price them on that account and I walked out with the four for $2.10.

Since you can still buy them online, I might have to look into buying four more to match.  Because a girl can never have too many chunky white dinner plates at 90% off.

{ Journal/Classes } Art Journaling All Year

Photo/Class:  Red Velvet

I am really excited to take this class done by Elsie and Rachel over at Red Velvet Its only $30 and has 52 different prompts for ideas for your art journal for the whole year (or 52 days in a row if you are so inclined).

This course offers 52 art journaling sessions, giving you a weekly challenge for an entire year! Each session includes: a journaling challenge, encouraging you to write and stretch your journaling skills; as well as an art challenge, pushing you out of your comfort zone and helping you create beautiful pages you can cherish and be proud of.

For the past three years, I have been using EcoSystem Artist Notebooks for my art journals/idea books.  I was originally attracted by the bright turquoise color of the almost 8 x 10 book (they have a lot of fun, bright colors), and as an added bonus, they are 100% recycled.  They also have a code inside the book that you can register and if you were to loose it, then person finding it could go to the site, plug in the number, and find you. Its soft bound with a flexi-cover and lends well to over-stuffing the pages with clippings, art, etc.

They used to sell them at Barnes and Noble, but this year I ended up purchasing mine online at Amazon.  Here’s a few iPhone pix of years 2010, 2011, 2012 (the flat one that I haven’t started.)

I am not much of a journaler, so most of my pages are magazine clippings and art from various sources, mixed in with movie tickets.  I cut out snippets from magazine articles that i like, recipes, etc.   To do list for parties and home decor projects that I am working on often make it in. I love to garden, so different things I find on cool seeds, flowers and plants are also tossed in there.

Sketch of the tables for graduation party along with the prices, then below is a picture from the actual event.

Mostly the journal holds on the inspiration I find in print media and scraps from daily life.  I am looking forward to taking the class above though to help me think outside of the box and add even more creative things to it.

{ Thrifting } Mirror, Mirror…. new vintage find

I am so excited about this latest find.  It was in Goodwill.  We went in and as I walked up I always do my usual game of “wonder how much it will be” and I probably shreaked in delight when I saw this one was low-balled at only 9.99.  Its hard to tell in the picture, but it is almost three feet wide at the greatest part.  I think it was probably once part of this kind of vanity

Photo: Here

It was one of those buys where I was thinking, ” I don’t know what I am going to do with it, but I am buying it anyway and will FIND something.”  The mirror is in relatively good shape with only a few parts that have lost their mirror coating, but I think it adds to the piece.  I figure if I can’t figure out a way to add it to a dresser, I could always just use the round mirror on its own.

Anyone else find any good finds this weekend thrifting?

{ Seasons } In the cold of winter, …dream of spring.

Spring is in full bloom at the Gap already. There were several colors and style of these “wellies/galoshes”.

We have had an incredibly mild winter so far in the Carolinas.  So much so that I am still harvesting things from the garden. Radishes, carrots, lettuce, cilantro, are still growing and hanging in there despite some dips into the 30s at night.  I took advantage of a free afternoon and the last of the warm weather to put the neglected pomegranate and blueberry bushes into the ground.  I will say a little prayer that it wasn’t too late for them. I need the next few quiet months of winter to figure out all I want to accomplish in the garden this spring.  With our new fence, the possibilities are endless for our little oasis of a backyard.  The goal is finding a way to organize my ideas and make them a reality.

So even though Spring is appearing in the retail stores, I am happy its a few months away! I always enjoying the “nesting” that happens in January and February.

Pulled from the garden this weekend.